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Finance Director CV Example

Professional CV Format

Our Professional CV format has been updated on the Professional CV Sample page to the current Professional CV layout that we recommend. There has not been a vast amount of change made to the classic CV example, just small formatting tweaks. The page continues to display our classic Professional CV format example, which is also available as a free professional CV download. The classic Professional CV is the best choice format to be used for general blue collar work applications.

Executive CV Format for Board and Director Level Candidates

The page also contains a first-page example of the Director CV. This Professional CV Format sample has undergone format changes and also some section changes that reflect the general change in CV requirements from employers and recruiters. Over the last couple of years, as attention spans have become shorter, the need for a quicker way to present key information on a CV has increased and crept further up the first page.

As is always the case, regardless of your CV format, the most important part of the CV  is the content. If the content does not provide the reader with relevant information the CV will fail to get the required or expected results.

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