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Professional CV Examples

Below are the two CV Examples that we recommend.

CV Example 1 (available for purchase without support)

This CV is designed to make a strong impression. It stands out with a bold name header and a layout that highlights a Skills Summary and Core Competencies. Since many people use a traditional style for their CV, it can be easy to get lost among other similar CVs. But with a high-impact Professional CV, you’ll capture attention and set yourself apart from others. This example shows the first page of a Finance Director CV.

There are a few other factors that make this Professional CV compelling;

    1. No address is given – this stops initial locality prejudice and can be varied up to country level or omitted
    2. Mobile Number – do not give out a landline as you cannot answer your landline on a train (unless you’ve redirected it to your mobile)
    3. The Skills Summary of the CV is a list of 10 fundamental skills (this should be adjusted to reflect your experience and the requirement of the position you’re applying for)
    4. Your name and letters are in bold and contained within a contrasting banner.
    5. Personal Profile – love it or hate it, a CV still needs a personal profile. A recruiter may or may not read it, but the software they use to filter candidates will. See it as an opportunity to use specific keywords from your sector and for matching the description of the Job Ad.
    6. Selected Career Highlights or bragging rights – picking out what makes you great, better than everyone else, and placing it on page 1 of your CV. Might seem obvious, but it is rarely done.
    7. Formating – uniform spacing, font sizes, bold font, font type, paragraph alignment, bullet alignment, and length of individual paragraphs have all been considered.


Finance Director CV Example

Professional CV Example 2

This second Example CV is what most people deem to be the Classic CV.

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