CV Tip #4 Phone number

CV Tip Number 4 Phone Number

Quickly following CV Tip #3 (which needed a post of its own) comes the other superfluous and sometimes erroneous detail on your CV. Begin with the phone number. Most people over 30 and under 60 tend to have 2, the good old landline and a mobile (or cell for the rest of the world; is that because you are a prisoner to it?). Those of you that were awake early will be quick to point out that you have 2 mobiles (one for work and one social) and also potentially a work landline. In the instance of your CV you need to use “YOUR LANDLINE and YOUR MOBILE”. Simply because you own them and therefore are unlikely to change them frequently. Put them in the footer of your CV and please make sure they are correct and include area codes.

Recently, we had an application from an individual applying for a COO role and they had not included phone numbers or an email address for contact as “they were fed up with being contacted and offered roles”. Whilst I understand recruiters are an irritation, if YOU approach a recruiter then expect to be contacted!

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