CV Tip #3 Put your name on your CV

Put your name on your CV.

Your Name on Your CV

Hard to believe? Not really. We always have CVs through where the person has not put their name on the document. Personally, I fail to understand how this can happen as there really is no explanation for it. The role your name assumes is pivotal and not the reason Nick Clegg came up with a while ago; it is a point of reference by which you are known! Sorry to bang on about it but it will cripple your chances and shows a lack of attention to detail.

Remember, if your CV does not go directly to an individual then it will go to an ATS and will be parsed for the detail in relation to the job applied for. The parse also looks for name, address, DOB, phone, email, linkedin or any other data pertinent to that particular recruiter/employer.

Final advice for your name; ensure it’s on every page of the CV by utilising the document footer. Take a look at this video from

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