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Your CV Success

Keeping your CV up to date is something that people tend to think of then forget or procrastinate over before forgetting. Then it happens, you spot the “dream job” or feel/know that you cannot continue in your current role. You blow the dust of the CV, and add a quick update, then possibly show it to a significant other for a much valued (worthless in most cases†) opinion. You send it through to the Recruiter and hear nothing.


Because you did not take responsibility for the CV, and your arrogance, ignorance or naivety (delete as required) has just cost you a great or golden career opportunity. Most people can learn from this mistake if they stop denying they made the error, and are prepared to take responsibility to correct what they did wrong.

CV update, easier said than done?

Not necessarily so; but it will depend on a number of factors including but not limited to:

  • How old is the CV?
  • Does it look like a professional CV that represents a professional person at their pinnacle?
  • Is it in a tired or out of date format?
  • If it landed on your desk would you interview you?

Desire: Effort in, reward back.

Everything regarding a CV is linked to desire. If you want success (for want, read desire) then you will be driven to make the improvements required for your application to be shortlisted. The only question now is who do you trust, that is objective and authoritative, to give your document a full appraisal?

If you would like us to help you then visit our home page and choose a suitable option.

(†« I used this symbol in the first paragraph and for good reason; your significant other (person of trust) could be a spouse or friend, but unless they have relevant experience, all they can offer is limited personal opinion.)

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