Is Your CV Ready For The January Blues?

CV ready for the january blues

Christmas is coming and, regardless of religion it affects everyone directly and indirectly. You could procrastinate and bury your head in the Turkey by tackling your CV or job hunt on January 2nd with everyone else but where will this leave you?

Off the pace by two weeks to a month?

Ease back

Recruiters recruit all year round, but during December they ease back and advise their clients that it would be pertinent to wait for January to begin a new recruitment campaign. Why? Simple. More applicants will be seeking for a new role in January. Therefore giving the recruiter and client more choice.


Your herd mentality needs to be realigned. By all means be comfortable in the crowd. Do not, however, be naive enough to think that when the evening of January 1st 2014 arrives that you and your CV will be ready for the realisation that you should have considered preparing yourself in December. The back to work blues affect everyone at some point, and the period in January after the Christmas break is one of the worst times to feel vulnerable and ill-prepared for January Job Crush.


But what if you don’t celebrate or recognise Christmas? It really makes no difference as the business world is now so interconnected you will see a knock on effect. However, it’s a safe bet to say that this could prove an advantage to you. You do not have the obstacles of celebrations and family commitments, and can prepare to steal a march on the followers of the Christian Calendar by preparing in December.

If you are in business, December needs serious thought and preparation.

So does your career and your CV.

Merry Christmas?!

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