Why your inbox is NOT overflowing with Job offers

Why your inbox is NOT overflowing with Job offers

Have you taken control of your Job hunting or left it to chance? I would love to be able to say to you that you can just click a mouse button and send your CV to hundreds of recruiters or employers then just sit back and wait for the offers to role in. Unfortunately this place only exists over the Lost Horizon, somewhere north of Utopia and just south of Shangri-La.

YOU have to change YOUR approach.

In our office we repeatedly here stories that companies cannot find talented people or that there is no decent talent available. Frustratingly, this is not the case. The real issues are lack of targeted exposure when advertising a job and poorly written CVs being overlooked by recruiters or employers. There is also something else.  When was the last time YOU approached a business that you wanted to work for and told them that you were available? This is a slim opportunity as most operations…STOP! It is not a slim opportunity. It is an opportunity that you can exploit.

Firstly, sort out your Linkedin profile and ensure its worth reading, makes you sound interesting and most importantly, employable. Or you can ask us to write your profile for you, here.

Secondly, turn your peers from organisations that you wish to work for on Linkedin into contacts and then leverage those contacts for the names of decision makers that could make the difference for you.

And thirdly, make sure that your CV targets the companies that show interest. Look at our Professional CV writing packages here

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