10 Easy CV Tips to Reboot your Job Search

10 Easy CV Tips to Reboot your Job Search

1. Tailor:

Produce a core cv and then create other versions that are tailored for specific roles that you apply for.

2. Errors:

Use the grammar checker in MS Word or Google Docs(free). Spelin and poore gramer will wrek youre chance of sucess!

3. Structure:

Format the CV and be consistent with your technique throughout the document.

4. Personal Detail:

Use the header on page 1 for name. The footer on all pages for your address and contact methods. Any other pertinent personal detail should be put at the very end.

5. Social:

If you have a Linkedin, twitter, Facebook page or other social site that provides another dimension to your CV then reference it on your contact detail. If your Social image does not portray you in a positive way then take action immediately.

6. Key Words:

Build your CV around key words and phrases from the job description or advert.

7. Contact:

Know where your CV is going. Make contact with the recruiter or employer, find out who is responsible and ask about the process and time scale involved.

8. Email:

Use an email that is either your name or a variation of your name. Never use comedic or pet names.

9. Naming:

Identify each CV with your name and the date you created it.Save to a folder that has the job title and you applied as its name. Save all folders under a master folder such as CV2011.

10. Database:

If you know how to create a simple database then use one to organise your CV and career search.

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