Is it up to government to create jobs?

Is it up to government to create jobs?

Or should policy help stimulate growth? There has been quite a bit of chatter through the press about the rights, wrongs and the direction of policy for the government. Some commentators seemed to be hoping that something would happen in the Building Sector if the government and the BoE threw some money at it. David Smith, Times on Sunday, wrote a decent piece pivoting around a thought that if this happened we might end up with a 1930’s type scenario of “sustained recovery in Britain”.

The only difficulty with this option is that it does not offer a solution for now. We are not in the same position and Steve Morgan of Redrow, quoted in the article, might need to brush up on his history if he genuinely thinks this is the case. We can be certain that if policy remains, as is, recovery will take much longer than anticipated. Rather than fall into the stagnation of policy trapped by dogma, the government should look at stimulating in a multi pronged approach with the emphasis on small to mid business support, a nudge for the building sector, a look at the value of the pound and a word with the banks on lending. Job creation is a slow process, in the past it has also been built on jelly. This time it needs to be of long term substance by which I mean able to thrive for longer than a decade with a focus on not just the market of the UK but the emerging export markets.

Or we could just look at what is right in front of us as individuals and then choose what we wish to see. If you are currently a Director there are, currently over 50,000 jobs with Director in the description. For Managers there are just under 225,000 positions available.

The message is simple, wait for government to try and fashion a change or make things happen for yourself. This is a broad brush statement but we can not wait for politicians. It takes too long. You need to start exploring ways to manufacture interest in you, your talent and career highlights. It is a tough market and this should not be denied but if you employ some strategy starting with a professional CV then you may find the situation a little easier than the media portrays.

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  • Gail Gardner

    Loved your comment in my blog today. If that post gave you pause you should read the one I published today, the one about Occupy Wall Street, and especially the one I’ll publish tomorrow about recently published laws in the U.S. that make it illegal to grow or share food!

    Wanting government or companies to be your Daddy leads to them being your Big Brother. All I want from them is to leave me in peace and let me live my life. The less we let either of them do, IMHO, the better.

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