Liam Fox resigning as personal life and work distinctions blur.

Liam Fox resigning as personal life and work distinctions blur.

A professional responsibility for the security of the UK? An improper use of status? A dubious friendship with undertones of self interest? Arrogance? Stupidity?

Another day in government?

Dr Fox resigned his position in government, but not in parliament, as he felt that he had allowed his personal life to interfere with his responsibilities. If this had been a role in a private enterprise he could have expected to have had a meeting with HR, which, would have resulted in either a verbal warning, written warning or asked to leave for gross misconduct.

Its not my position to judge Fox or his relationship with Adam Werritty but to pick through the corpse and find a correlation between this story and how it would unfold for anyone other than a politician.

I could not.

That is where correlation also stops.

Currently, being a politician does not compare to how the rest of the working population would be treated. It seems that, politicians, no matter which party, still believe they can do what they wish.

If we forget the expenses story, or the even the PM/Coulson episode and just take this current story of Dr Fox what do we find? Someone who has resigned for an error of judgement. As mentioned earlier, in a normal position this would have been a different process. That aside, Fox felt that it had become/was such an issue that he had no option other than to, “hold himself to his own standards” (sic).

But if this is the case – why does he (or in any other misfortunate) feel that they are still able to remain an MP and represent their constituency?

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