Will your CV get you that job?

Get the interviewer to behave like a Toady

No and do not convince yourself that a CV will be a “shoe in” to your next position.

It could actually ruin your chances and this is why:
If you are tempted to believe that you can just send your CV, that employers will be beating a path to your door before rolling out the red carpet whilst performing backward toady hops and showering you with platitudes then your CV must be a brilliant and targeted document. Why, you must have spent an age crafting it to fit the person specification for the role?

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of using an advert for a role as the keyword/keyphrase target for your CV.

Of course there are exceptions and the more senior you are, the less likely it is to encounter obstacles. However, if you consider yourself to be an astute individual then you will be aware that every stage of a recruitment process is a sift and this becomes increasingly rigorous with every step forward.

A well crafted, detail rich CV can get you noticed and it can encourage or expedite the possibility of contact from a recruiter or employer. It will not get you the role that is your responsibility and that harsh reality of any contact regarding a CV needs to be considered as a nano interview process where scrutiny is used to establish how suitable, enthusiastic and qualified you are to take on the role.

If you are receiving regular calls or emails in regard to your CV or Linkedin profile then you can safely assume that your profile offers the detail

Taking responsibility for your initial contact and the Interview:

Your CV, once written properly can help you get an interview and that is all it can do. If your facts do not withstand scrutiny or you are unable to discuss your claims in detail then you will probably fail.

If you do not fill the room with your presence and command the attention of your interviewer(s) panel, you will fail.

If your CV is dynamic and you have the interview personality of a corpse then you have failed and NOT your CV.

Your CV got you in the room and if you do not succeed then you have yourself to blame.

As always, there is a caveat or two:

You may have failed because there was a better candidate (it happens to everyone) but there are only a few times you can use this excuse before you should have an introspective chat (if you have not done so already) with yourself. Look at yourself and think to how you behaved and engaged. Were you too passive or meek or maybe just dull?
If you want a role, you need to want a role and seasoned interviewer can spot this a mile off. So the next time you are called to interview, make sure that you execute your “A” game and fill the room with personality and enthusiasm.

After all, you might just surprise yourself into getting a new role.

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