Linkedin “CV” betrays Crystal Dynamics software house artist Matt McCulloch

Matt McCulloch Linkedin CV Crystal Dynamics

Principal level artist Matt McCulloch of Crystal Dynamics has seemingly let slip via Linkedin that Crystal Dynamics (famous for the Tomb Raider Game Franchise) are in the early stages of development of their next project. Other indicators have been referenced such as the advert on their website for a Senior Artist. The interesting feature of the story is revealed in two ways.

Linkedin: If your Linkedin privacy rules are not set properly then you could be inadvertently informing competitors of an organisational status and this maybe a compromise that results in a disciplinary procedure for you.


Its a great marketing ploy: This will have the power to whip the gaming fraternity into a bit of a lather and could help to increase sales. Time will tell if this is the aim and if other secrets are revealed. To date, Tomb Raider has been a bit of a cash cow, and this “reboot” generated 3.6 million unit sales in 28 days. Though the volume was lower than the expected 5-6 million units. The forfeit for the publishing company Square Enix was to show the door to the long term president Yoichi Wada ahead of what they have called “catastrophic financial results”

From the outside this CV betrayal looks like the beginning of a viral marketing campaign to boost a company profile but only time and sales results will tell.

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