CV Tip #2

CV Tip  #2

Where should education be placed on a CV?

You have just two options depending on background;

Students with no experience would do well to start with their education first as the recruiter or employer will try and establish a link with how well you performed in school or university as to how this could translate to the workplace. Those with any paid work, voluntary or internship history should position education at end of the CV.

But why?

The reader wants to know (as quickly as possible), what you are doing now or the last position you held as this gives an indication to suitability for the postion that you have applied for. Granted that application tracking software (ATS) will try and extract pertinent data and attempt to match you to the postion but there will still be a good old fashioned human being tasked with reading your CV and determining if it’s time well spent attempting to contact you.

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