The Amazon CV – Personal Branding & A Lesson In Visibility

Amazon CV

Philippe Dubost, a French Web Product developer was a little frustrated with the concept of sending out a CV and secondly how to be noticed. He considered himself to be talented and had a winning personality, but the job market did not seem to show the interest he had hoped for. Instead of withdrawing into himself he decided the only option was to turn himself into a marketable product, “borrow” the page design of the largest retailer on the planet, Amazon and set to work on creating the Amazon CV:

Amazon CV

Describing himself as being entrepreneurial is, in his particular instance, accurately reflected on his webpage. You can not deny that he has created a first – a unique proposition. With a little smart marketing via a popular blog his CV became a fleeting internet sensation.

But how can we adopt the lessons and incorporate the approach to your CV and Job Search? I would suggest by initially being realistic. Philippe has set a very high bar, but it is possible to differentiate how you are viewed by prospective employers. It just takes effort and an understanding of how you fit a person specification and tailor your CV to the role specification.

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